SEED International Community for Sustainable Living in Costa Rica



Humanity is facing unprecedented challenges.  Rapid urbanization and depletion of natural resources, combined with the impacts of climate change, are forcing us to rethink our current patterns of living and to develop much more sustainable practices, including intentional, green communities.  Worldwide, societies urgently need to promote and advance viable examples of ecovillage agricommunities.  Our Society for Ecological Education and Development (SEED) was created in 2010 to promote sustainable living models in Costa Rica.

The SEED International Community for Sustainable Living is an ecovillage agricommunity celebrating our international membership.  Community members’ own residential lots within a private partnership that's developing sustainability prototypes in ecological education and development.  SEED is currently creating several model projects simultaneously, including the International Community for Sustainable Living.  Located just inland from Cahuita National Park, we’re in the tropical southern Caribbean’s rural foothills, not far from the resort beach town of Cahuita. 

The half-hectare (1.25 acre) SEED Ecovillage housing sites are near the seven-hectare Agroecology Demonstration Center, which is the nucleus of this SEED project.  The Center features organic gardens, food forestry, orchards, agricultural buildings and biodigesters.  The farm’s closed loop nutrient cycle attains self-sufficiency with careful monitoring.  Here sustainable agriculture is achieved by cultivating animals, plants and fungi for food; fostering wild medicinal plants; and harvesting biofuel.

Although the Agroecology Demonstration Center, with riding horses, dairy cows, hogs, laying hens and other fowl, is the centerpiece of SEED, other important features that members enjoy are the rainforest hiking trails, a wonderful nearby waterfall and the two beautiful rivers for swimming and fishing.  Along with the ecovillage and sustainable farm, additional SEED projects underway are forest and wildlife preservation, reforestation, and agricultural education outreach in the local community.

Our growing ecocommunity is seeking like-minded individuals, couples and families interested in actively living sustainably using permaculture principles.  You’re invited to consider joining our International Community for Sustainable Living project.  We hope that our website provides you with enough information to decide if our ecovillage agricommunity may be what you’ve been searching for.